About Us

Filesstudio is a clan of creative CG Artists and Game Developers, who work under streamlined process to determine to make your game time awesome. We develop customized application for multiple platforms e.g. Web, IOS, Android and windows games. We love making games weather it is 2D or 3D with limited or scalable scope. Services work for our clients or product for our portfolio we put our heart on it.

Files Studio mythology is to create mobile games that have quality, good user experience and design friendly, which attract the attention of ten thousand people, rather than creating low quality spam games that deceive millions of people. Our skilled, exceptionally energetic team has confidence in constant enhancing; we are not reluctant to take proprietorship and address difficulties head-on to achieve our objectives.

We have shaken up the definition of the word ‘game’. We appeal to all kinds of players and consumers by crafting powerful, fun and interactive experiences that spread across various devices and platforms. Contact us today to discuss any of your projects or ideas.